Traditionally agriculture had a formative influence on villages like Melchingen on the Swabian hills. Corn, potatoes, vegetables, dairy, beef and sheep were and are the main sectors of farming.

But times have changed and also the economic circumstances of the people of this village.

In 1949 there were 114 farms with more than 2 hectares of land.

In 1998 there were only 19 farms left.

In the old days it was already necessary to add other incomes. Today 92 % of the farms are  worked part-time. The farmers have to earn their main income outside of agriculture.

The village

The little village museum shows the world of the farmers a hundred years ago.

In those days the people earned part of their living as workers in the forests or weaving. This was the foundation of the modern textile industries.

Today the people of Melchingen mainly work in trade and industry. In the village there are quite a few craft shops.