The Swabian Hills are a rough region.

We always say: it’s one jacket colder – you might need an extra jacket up here. You'll soon find out when you step out of your cosy car! Normally it is 5° C colder than Reutlingen or Tübingen.

Playground in the snowIn winter this means snow when there's no snow at all in the lowlands. In spring & autumn it's simply more chilly but in summer, when it's oppressively hot "down there", we can enjoy a delicate cooling air and breath more freely.

Inversion Weather: The most beautiful state of weather

If you look over the edge of the Swabian hills towards Stuttgart you see a grey, impermeable fog across the country. Sometimes it it is raining underneath, in any case it is very unpleasant, while up here the sun is shining, and you can have a clear view towards the horizon - from some places (south way) you can even see the Alps. This is the time when you rather need a coat “down there”. While here on the Alb it is pleasantly warm

If you want to know the weather in general for our region you will be able to get a rough view, which which is accurate for Burladingen, the little town Melchingen is part of.


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